Ally Bee & Ethical Fashion Blog by Leotie Lovely

Ally Bee & Ethical Fashion Blog by Leotie Lovely
February 26, 2016 Ally Bee
Holly Rose wearing Ally Bee Alpaca Jumper

Ally Bee loves ... Leotie Lovely Lifestyle Blog

I’d like to give a big shout out to writer and designer Holly Rose, creator of sustainable lifestyle blog Leotie Lovely. Leotie Lovely is an evolving guide to living a conscious lifestyle with musings on fashion, food, travel and culture. Recently Holly composed a beautifully poetic spin on the Ally Bee story, from happy alpacas grazing in an English field to carefully considered garment finish, in her blog Ally Bee: A Labour of Love. I was so thrilled to have her style and model pieces from the collection, shot by her photographer & husband, Shane Woodward.  Sunshine to you both!

From sustainable living musings, to fashion design, Holly Rose is the Founder of eco-clutch bag label Leotie Lovely. Each beautiful piece is thoughtfully sourced and crafted using vintage and repurposed materials. Exquisite, unique and far far from high street fashion’s fast and furious treadmill. Check these out!


Images courtesy of Holly Rose and Shane Woodward.

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