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Beautiful natural fibre knitwear – responsibly sourced.

Ally Bee began with a vision to provide a luxury alternative to mass production knitwear for consumers wishing to make an informed & critical choice about new additions to their wardrobe. Design of each collection starts with a consideration of the raw natural fibres, and creating designs that work with the material. Ally Bee collections are free from acrylics, plastic sequins, transient ‘must-have’ colours or gimmicky trends of the season. The result is beautifully made, natural fibre knitwear collections produced through responsible & fair production, and a gentler touch on the planet.

How to spin a sustainable yarn

Each Ally Bee piece is ‘one of few’. Small yarn batches are produced each season for the Ally Bee collection, and reflect the subtle seasonal variations from one year to the next, and become a natural quirk of character in limited production runs. In a time of faster and faster fashion, Ally Bee offers a slower take on style.

For the 2016 collection, Ally Bee alpaca yarns contain at least 80% British-grown alpaca fibre, sourced from smallholdings across England. A small quantity of Falklands Merino wool is included in the alpaca yarns, giving a special sheen and blended to a natural, undyed colour palette, free from chemical dyes so often associated with knitwear. Kind on the environment, kind on the wearer –  the benefits of wearing British alpaca are beyond the purely sartorial.

Why alpaca?

Alpaca is arguably the most environmentally friendly natural fibre in the world. Alpacas are low impact grazers, they consume less than sheep and do not tear up the top soil like other livestock, and each year produce a rich lustrous fibre. An incredibly durable yarn, the fibre has special thermal properties due to its micro air pockets. in the cold the fibres contract to keep in warmth, and when the weather warms the pockets expand for breathability. Naturally hypoallergenic and containing no lanolin, alpaca stands out as a renewable, eco-friendly yarn with a  gentler touch on our strained planet.

Spinning a yarn

Ally Bee alpaca yarn is spun in a small mill in Dorset. Machinery at the mill has been sourced – and salvaged – from long established mills from Bradford to Biella in Italy and recalibrated to best handle the fine hairs of alpaca. For the Ally Bee knitwear collection, superior portions of alpaca fleece are carefully sorted from the annual clip collected from herds in the region, with only the best fibre going through the 11-step spinning process to achieve a superbly soft yarn.