Sustainable yarns. Knitwear for good.





ALLY BEE is a contemporary luxury knitwear brand working exclusively with sustainably sourced natural fibre yarns. The brand launched in London in 2014 with a small knitwear collection using bespoke-spun British alpaca and wool. In Autumn 2017, Ally Bee expanded its yarn source to include ‘Fairwool’ – the world’s first Cradle-to-Cradle ® cashmere merino yarn.  Ally Bee works closely with Scottish & English knitwear manufacturers, and in Autumn 2017 launched a small number of statement hand-knit designs produced by an artisan women’s knitting hub in India.


We all have a different line in the sand as to what we consider to be ‘sustainable’ fashion. At Ally Bee sustainability means producing collections to a set of environmental standards that far exceed mere compliance with current local and international environmental regulation. It means a ‘cradle to cradle’ commitment to fashion making – seeking out natural fibre cashmere, alpaca and wool yarns produced to high standards of land management and animal welfare, the cleanest achievable processing and dying, and end-of-life biodegradability. It means making a product of treasured keepsake quality, intended to live well beyond one season. It means minimising packaging, plastic usage and office waste and continually seeking out the most innovative ‘beyond compliance’ yarns.

Ally Bee launched in 2014 with a small collection crafted from commission spun British Alpaca yarns and a select variety of British wool. Small alpaca yarn batches have been produced each season for the Ally Bee collection, and reflect the subtle seasonal variations in yarns from one year to the next. British Alpaca is produced through low impact farming on smallholdings across the UK.
For Autumn 2017, Ally Bee introduces ‘Fairwool’ to the collection – the world’s first Cradle to Cradle ® certified cashmere merino yarn. This Italian spun cashmere merino yarn has been meticulously scrutinised from the raw source of the fibre – from land management and fair payment to Mongolian herders who graze the cashmere goats – through to cleanest, greenest processing of the raw fibre into a fine knitwear yarn.  Cradle to Cradle ® Poncho Jumpers and accessories are now available at


Ally Bee began with a vision to provide a sustainable luxury alternative to mass production knitwear for consumers wishing to make an informed & critical choice about new additions to their wardrobe. Design of each collection starts with a consideration of the raw natural fibres, and the processing of those fibres into yarn, and then creating knitwear designs that work in harmony with those materials. Ally Bee collections are free from acrylics, plastic sequins, transient ‘must-have’ colours or gimmicky trends of the season. The result is beautifully made, natural fibre knitwear collections produced through responsible & fair production, and a gentler touch on the planet.