Sustainable yarns. Knitwear for good.




There is a growing chorus of people calling for the fashion industry to be cleaner, and fairer and to clarify where their clothes come from. Ally Bee takes this call to action very seriously. Ally Bee works with premium yarns where the origin and processing of the natural raw materials can be traced and have low environmental impact. The brand works with alpaca and wool fibre locally sourced in the UK, and yarns certified to be from a responsible, low impact sustainable source, such as Cradle-to-Cradle ® certified cashmere merino.




‘Fairwool’ is the only Cradle to Cradle certified, ethical & environmentally sustainable luxury cashmere merino yarn in the world. The Cradle to Cradle Institute demands high standards in all of its certifications to protect the earth, ensure social fairness & advance animal welfare. The cashmere in Fairwool comes from Zalaa Jinst white goats in specific herds in the Gobi Desert where herders are paid more than the norm, over 250000 goats receive vet treatment and are grazed on lands maintained with sustainable grazing methods.

The superfine merino wool in Fairwool is sourced from a mulesing-free farm recognised in the industry as a sustainable farm.

Fairwool is processed at a long-established mill in Italy using hydroelectric & solar power and the cleanest dyeing processes in the industry. The result is a wholly natural, sustainable, ethical luxury yarn, that at the end of life will return to the cradle of earth without leaving a trace.