Ally Bee New Collection Launch at The Good Place in Chelsea

Ally Bee New Collection Launch at The Good Place in Chelsea
October 1, 2016 Ally Bee
Shop Window at Good Place bloggers event

The Ally Bee new collection launch at The Good Place in Chelsea earlier this week was an evening of good company, bringing together bloggers, customers and other designers to see latest Ally Bee range of luxury natural fibre knitwear. Ally Bee was showcased alongside fashion labels Abury & Sep Jordan & cosmetics brand Seascape as part of the event curated by Positive Luxury. Our brands are all part of the Positive Luxury portfolio of brands committed to a gentler touch in their making process. It was a pleasure to present the Ally Bee collection of British alpaca scarves, hats, gloves and jumpers alongside these luxury brands.




I get a buzz when people in my expanding network of fashion makers, commentators and agitators can connect and share ideas. Even better when the discussion of the evening is around a shared mission to pioneer a more sustainable way of producing and consuming. And Tuesday night at the Good Place was perfect evening for making these connections.

I was very pleased to have sustainable lifestyle blogger & designer, Holly Rose of Leotie Lovely, in attendance and so thrilled she was sporting the AW16 Cream jumper accessorised with a Sonya Kashmiri Miss Alicia bag (my very favourite bag designer). Holly is a Director on the Ethical Bloggers Network and is writing a marathon #GoneGreen2016 365 days of sustainable lifestyle tips with an energy that leaves me dizzy. Also at the event was Katie from the ethical fashion blog, Saiint  who has supported Ally Bee since she and her sister launched their fabulous blog a year ago. And it was a wonderful to finally meet fashion photographer and blogger, Charney Magri, who’s recently interviewed me for her ethical fashion series to the Ally Bee business story.

This event was made possible by Leona Marni, owner of The Good Place who kindly hosted this event on behalf of the brands and Positive Luxury. Leona has been promoting ethical fashion making and branding for many many years, well before the ‘sustainability’ catch-phrase was in the common vocabulary. Now, the time is right to be coming together to talk sustainability in fashion. The momentum is picking up. All round, a feel-good event of Positive Luxury!


The new Ally Bee collection is knitted with yarns spun from British-sourced alpaca fibre wherever possible. For the Autumn Winter 2016 collection the alpaca yarns in the scarves, hats, gloves and jumpers are at least 80% British-sourced fibres, collected from the annual clip of alpaca flocks grazed on British pasture.

The new Ally Bee collection is slowly becoming available on-line (there’s been nothing speedy about the arrival of the Ally Bee ‘slow’ fashion collection this year) so please check out what’s NEW IN, and you can also take a look at Ally Bee retail events coming up between now and Christmas.

I hope you love the new collection!

Alison Baker, Founder, Ally Bee

Featured Image courtesy of The Good Place.

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  1. Charney 2 years ago

    Great article Ally Bee. Look forward to the next one 🙂

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