Ally Bee says HOORAY for Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Ally Bee says HOORAY for Fashion Revolution Day 2015
April 26, 2015 Ally Bee
who made my clothes

Ally Bee says HOORAY for Fashion Revolution Day 2015. #WhoMadeMyClothes went viral on 24th April last week with Fashion Revolution Day events in over 60 countries striking a chord with growing numbers of consumers concerned over the darker side of fashion.

Outraged by the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in April 2013, a number of fashion labels last year organised the first Fashion Revolution Day on 25th April. Ursula de Castro of fashion label From Somewhere  and Carrie Somers, founder and owner of Pachacuti Hats instigated the inaugural event in 2014 by turning their anger over the Rana Plaza tragedy into a plan for positive change in the industry. The initiative asks both consumers and designers to look behind the label they are wearing at the social and environmental conditions under which their garments and collections were produced. Last Friday consumers across the globe joined the cause and asked the question Who Made My Clothes?

Last year the question fell largely on deaf ears. Ally Bee asked several brands this question in 2014 and received zero acknowledgement. But that was last year. This year many brands listened and responded.

Fashion Revolution Day Changes Business

This year I raided my daughters wardrobe and pulled out garments from several big brands to ask the same question once more. This year to my surprise I not only found sustainability policies. They were also detailed and seemingly committed to fair wages and reductions in environmental impact. Slowly, but inexorably, collective consumer voice CAN change corporate policy.

Events across the UK on Fashion Revolution Day included the Impossible Swishing Party highlighting Lily Cole’s Impossible Project. I was lucky enough to be there. Lily Cole and Chief Exec of Futerra Sustainability Communications Lucy Shea introduced the event. Lucy stressed the overwhelmingly positive response of the public and media to Fashion Revolution Day and reminded us that this is a truly crowdsourced campaign growing momentum and massive support through social media. Capturing the Impossible Swish and events and across London last Friday was Fashion Rev official photographer Rachel Manns. Her campaign photography for Fashion Revolution is simply awesome.

fashion revolution day

Fashion Stylist and founder of Back of My Wardrobe, Emma Slade-Edmondson at Impossible Swishing, in knitwear by …..

Ally Bee Founder Alison Baker at Impossible Swishing event at Futerra, in London on 24th April

Fashion Revolution Day rocks!

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