Isabel Marant for H&M – Fast Fashion Just Got Even Faster

Isabel Marant for H&M – Fast Fashion Just Got Even Faster
November 20, 2014 Ally Bee
H&M Conscious fashion slogan

I DO LOVE the chic boho style of ISABEL MARANT so I could not resist taking a peak in H&M on High Street Kensington today for the launch of the Isabel Marant for H&M range. But arriving at midday I had already missed the first (…and second and third…) boat. The cordoned off Isabel Marant collection had already been cherry-picked by customers who’d lined up all morning (some since 1am) for a wristband to secure a ten minute time-limited perusal. Latecomers like myself were told to come back in an hour when the barriers would come down for ‘open access’ to the scarce remaining items.

Isabel Marant for H&M

I returned an hour later, more than a little intrigued. Staff were piling up remaining boxes of stock ready for the grand finale. After a health and safety warning and with security men at the ready, we descended (in an orderly fashion) on the remaining stock.

It flew off the shelves. But I found a pair of very cool white jeans with Aztec stitch seams – in my size! But here’s the big disappointment – I’ve just got them home, the fit is awkward, the thick fabric resembles cheap stiff denim and they just look, well, cheap. Nothing bares the quality craftsmanship you would expect of a premium designer label. I have not bought a pair of second-skin jeans to cherish and wear into the ground – all I have is  a pair of cheaply made jeans for 3 times their usual H&M price tag.

I’ll return these and no doubt they won’t last more than a few minutes on the shop floor. But their limited shop-time will, I imagine, be matched by limited wear. Another cheap pair of jeans to last one season before being cast aside for the next cheap replacement.

This morning I bought into a false economy. Cheap fast fashion results in high wardrobe turnover and regular replacement purchases to fill the gaps – adding up to about the same cost as a few annual purchases of quality investment pieces to last for years and years because of an inherent quality – Isabel Marant, Karl Lagerfeld or otherwise.

Alison B.

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