Trusted Christmas Gift Guides 2016

Trusted Christmas Gift Guides 2016
December 12, 2016 Ally Bee
Perfect Christmas gifts to give from Ally Bee Knitwear

Trusted Christmas gift guides can be a gift in themselves for those of us who are exceptionally time-poor. And this year there are an impressive number of gift guides devoted to beautiful, thoughtfully produced gifts with a gentler touch on people and planet. I would compile my own wish list, but time being at a premium, I’d like to simply share some of these compiled lists with you – a list of lists! Admittedly, Ally Bee is mentioned in the mix in these guides, so there’s clearly a little self-promotion here but … there’s a whole lot more in these lists in addition to luxury knitwear to help you on your considered shopping ventures this season:)

1. Conscious Christmas Gift inspiration

EcoBoost Blogger and TV presenter Kate Arnell selects her favourite homewares, cosmetics and accessories at sustainable Chelsea boutique, The Good Place on her fabulous, informative and inspired EcoBoost youtube channel – check out Christmas Gift Faves from The Good Place , what a gem! Those aspiring to, or simply curious  about a zero-waste lifestyle should check out her tips on living zero-waste in London town on her blog and youtube channel. Also, for the fans of woolly knits, check out 13 Knits to Keep you Warm this Winter.

2. Gone Green Gift Guides

Lifestyle blog, Leotie Lovely, shares the journey of its author Holly Rose, on her year long journey on a zero-waste lifestyle. While cutting to the chase and eloquently challenging so many received notions of consumption, she presents gentler alternatives to the consume/discard/repeat model of fashion, food, cosmetics and beyond. Ally Bee is featured in her Green Gift Guide on Small Business Saturday and for ideas for more specific gift recipients, check out also:

3. Feel Good Festive Gift Guide

The wonderful Saiint Sisters blog is devoted to the new ethical and sustainable brands sisters Katie & Diana discover in their travels. It is feel good, uplifting and so is their Feel Good Festive Gift Guide ! Here’s a sneak peek, and yes, Ally Bee is listed too, as ‘number 5’ on the list.


Saiint Sisters Gift Guide images 2016




4. Refinery29 Ethical Gift Guide 2016


Yep, Ally Bee is in Refinery29’s Ethical Gift Guide 2016, along with 14 other brands. Refinery 29 – the digital destination to be seen this season!



5. Positive Holiday Gift Guide

Positive Luxury is an organisation which has founded the Butterfly Mark – an emblem signifying ‘Brands to Trust’ by satisfying certain ethical and environmental production criteria. Ally Bee is a member of Positive Luxury and has been appointed the Butterfly Mark and is pleased to be included in their comprehensive Gift Guide editorial.

And there is always Ally Bee’s Christmas Gift Ideas. Wishing you a thoughtful shopping experience!

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